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The Tudors
You Think You Know a Story... But You Only Know How it Ends
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Welcome to The Tudors
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10th-Apr-2017 08:09 pm - FYI -- Dreamwidth
FYI, this community is in the process of importing over to Dreamwidth.

Zip link(s) here (free registration required)
Game of Thrones: Khal and Khalessi
Fandom: The Tudors (Henry/Anne 'ship)
Song: My Number One - Dream Evil (Album: United)
Program: Sony Vegas Movie Studio Pro 9
Youtuber ID: LadyGreensleeves33
Direct Link: http://youtu.be/Z7HPv-XoeYc
Warnings: Minor nudity, some sexual content.
Description: Basically an overview from Henry and Anne's first meeting to her coronation. Been working on this for a long while, and finally feel like it's good enough to post. The first of many videos I've been working on I'll be uploading, but the only Tudors one so far. Been wanting to get some Tudors vids up for quite a long bit and finally have it done. Yay. Please tell me what you think.. anyone?

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27th-Aug-2013 07:09 pm - [ad] 4 Multifandom Big Bangs
love is
Posted with permission, thank you! :)

Under the cut, there is an advertisement for 4 Big Bang Challenges: fixitstory, kidficstory, royaltystory & journeystory.

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9th-Jun-2013 11:38 pm - Build God And We'll Talk [1/1]
Tudors: More
Title Build God and We'll Talk [1/1]
Author: hanorganaas
Fandom Stargate Atlantis/The Tudors
Rating R
Pairing Rodney McKay/Sir Thomas More (Yes You Read That Right)
Summary "Was he really willing to that such a dangerous and risky move to shift what they had from closest comrades to lovers?" Part of The Future "Colliding Worlds Universe"
Warnings Sexual Contentent between a Present and a Famous Historical Figure, Crack Pairing.
Disclaimer I do not own any of the characters just borrowing them for my imagination
Notes: Written for 1_million_words Bingo using the "Take The Risk Square" square,this story is part of a series I am writing where Sir Thomas More travels to Atlantis from his time. Eventually the two worlds of The Tudors and SGA will Collide causing castrophic consiquences.

HERE @ y0ungandl0aded / A03
1st-Apr-2013 10:11 pm - 5 icons
tudors ∞ her mother's daughter

here at ayyur
13th-Jan-2013 12:58 am - 12 icons
tudors ∞ circa regna tona

over here at ayyur
16th-Dec-2012 09:09 pm - Icons
lizzie and jane
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five Tudors icons (mainly Mary) @ here
9th-Dec-2012 06:22 pm - 11 tudor icons
tudors ∞ circa regna tona

over here at ayyur
25th-Nov-2012 02:58 am - mix: unbreakable
GoT - Cersei: Her embers tempered roared
Medium: History/TV
Fandom: Tudors
Subject: Katherine of Aragon
Title: Unbreakable: the rise and fall of a queen
Notes: A broad overview of her life.
29th-Oct-2012 09:39 pm - Icons
lizzie and jane
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17th-Aug-2012 07:38 pm - Anne Boleyn (The Tudors)
{20)icons for
please comment/credit if you take or use.
DO NOT steal/edit my icons!


31st-Jul-2012 12:03 am - mix: the night is long [chary]
lizzie and jane
Title: The Night is Long
Subject: Mary/Chapuys
20th-Jul-2012 11:08 pm - Icons
restoration - charles ii

20 Tudors (1x01)

tudors6 tudors17

The rest can be found here.

8th-Jul-2012 12:30 pm - An Act Of Fate

Summary: One event sealed her fate and the course of history forever, but what would happen if it was changed? If what was known as fact was changed to fiction how drastically would history be altered, or would everything remain the same?

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1st-Jul-2012 01:31 am - icons
GoT - Cersei: Her embers tempered roared
part of a multi-fandom post:

burn your kingdom down @absinthe_fey
Reign -- Mary Stuart (3)
001-005  Nikita
006-010  Gossip Girl
011-055  Vampire Diaries
056-070  Tudors
071-180  Gossip Girl
181-235  Game of Thrones
--1 Game of Thrones - Robb/Myrcella (with 4 Text variations, 2 of which are Tudor crossovers)
-----> Myrcella as played by Tamzin Merchant in her role on Tudors



HERE @ simply_aly
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